• Galapagos

The Darwin Path

The itinerary has been designed in a structured and comprehensive way to provide a detailed and attentive examination of the major spots Galapagos archipelago allowing you to discover the diversity of the flora and fauna of the islands.

The islands visited are: Bartolome, Seymour, Santa Cruz and Santa Fe.

We remind you that this itinerary has to be confirm due to the available spaces on boats and yachts and it wants to be an example. We only offered customized itineraries.

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Travel Itinerary sample 5 days and 4 nights

Day 1
Transfer In – Tortuga Bay 
On the arrival at Baltra airport, you will be awaited and welcomed by a naturalist guide of the National Park of Galápagos, who will then accompany you on your private transport to Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island, where the first night will be spent.
After having checked-in to the hotel in Puerto Ayora, you will be equipped with professional snorkel gear and wetsuits, which can be kept for the entire stay on Galápagos, so that all snorkel activities in the following days can be enjoyed to the
After lunch in one of the local restaurants you will get a boat ride to Tortuga Bay, the most beautiful, white sanded beach of the archipelago. There many marine iguanas that can be observed walking along the beach or getting some shady rest under the mangrove trees. The way back will be made by foot since this allows the visit of a second magnificent beach, as well as a 40-minute walk on a paved path through wild cactus vegetation, showing the island in its natural beauty.
Day 2
Santa Fe island and Hidden beach
Right after the breakfast, you will be accompanied to the main pier, from where the boat to Santa Fe Island leaves.
After a boat ride of about an hour, the island Santa Fe will be reached, offering an impressive landscape with forests of endemic cactuses, many sea birds like pelicans and gulls as well as colonies of sea lions lying in the white sand or playing around in the crystal-clear, turquoise water. This is also where the first snorkel activity will take place; the bay with its calm and pristine water, being home to swarms of tropical fish, manta rays, sharks and sea turtles is famous for being one of the best spots for snorkeling that Galápagos has to offer.
Beyond, there are always playful young sea lions around that are a lot of fun to swim with. The boat will move on to a second magnificent snorkel spot and then, after a freshly prepared lunch on board and the possibility to do some fishing, “Hidden Beach”, a picturesque beach of the archipelago, which can only be reached by boat will be visited.
After some free time to enjoy this marvelous beach, the boat will head back to Santa Cruz Island.
Day 3
Isabela Island – Land and bay tour
Speed boat to Isabela Island, the biggest island of the entire archipelago.
John, the company’s guide in Isabela will welcome you in Puerto Villamil, give you a ride to your hotel and help you with the check-in.
Then the “Land Tour” will take place, beginning with a little lagoon where flamingos can be observed in their natural habit and continuing with a visit to the Giant Tortoise
Breeding Centre. Here, you will be led around tortoises of every age, from tiny babies that have recently hatched to tortoises that are about 200 years old.
The tour will terminate with a nice walk through the “Wetlands”, leading to a beautiful beach adorned by coconut palm trees.In the afternoon, you will take part in the “Bay Tour”, exploring the beautiful bay around Isabela Island, being home home to a colony of the famous Galápagos penguins, many sea turtles, sea lions, manta rays and marine iguanas as well as bluefooted boobies.
The tour also includes a 45-minute walk on “Tintorera Islet”, which means white tip shark islet and is named after the many white tip sharks that can be observed resting in the warm water of the islet’s thin gorge. Moreover, the islet is a very popular nesting place for marine iguanas, which can be
encountered up-close all over the place and sea lions can be found playing on the islet’s little beach. An open water snorkel activity in the bay completes this very popular marine adventure. The emerald waters around Tintorera islet abound with marine life, allowing to snorkel with huge sea turtles, rays and sharks.
Day 4
Visit to Marine lava Tunnels 
This day will start with a tour by boat to the marine tunnels (Cabo Rosa): After a navigation by boat of about 60 minutes, you will reach the famous marine lava tunnels.
Here you will get the chance to get out of the boat in order to walk on top of the lava formations, which constitute a unique and spectacular landscape. This place also is a popular nesting place for the blue-footed boobies, which you can observe from very close during this visit.After this walk, a snorkel activity will take place in order to be able to discover the lava collapses and lava caves from underneath the water. The underwater world at this site is one of the best places for observing the white-tipped reef sharks , sea turtles, penguins and if you are lucky also seahorses.
Then, the boat will move on to a place called “Finado”, where you will get the opportunity for a second snorkel activity with golden rays, aguila rays, sharks and sea turtles.
Before navigating back to Puerto Vilamil, you will get a small lunch on board.  .Return to Puerto Ayora in the afternoon with the speed boat. Night in Puerto Ayora
Day 5
Transfer out – Santa Cruz Highland 
Transfer out to the airport. Before getting to the airport visit the High Part of Santa Cruz where to see the giant tortoises in the wild and be able to walk close to them, follow the lava tunnels walk and Los Gemelos, two huge craters parallel.
Then we will drop you off at the airport 2 hours before departure.
End of services.


Day 1 - Tortuga Bay
Transfer in from airport to Puerto Ayora. Excursion to Tortuga Bay

Day 2 - Santa Fe and Hidden Bay
Day tour to the most beautiful snorekling places in Galapagos
Day 3 - Islabela Island
Walk spotting flamingos and penguins
Day 4 - Marine Lava Tunnels
Snorkeling in a huge marine aquarium
Day 5 - Santa Cruz Highland - Transfer out
Walk among giant tortoise in their natual environment


Touristic Accommodation Price
  • Starting from
Single $2165
Double $1575


Moderate Accommodation Price
  • Starting from
Single $2355
Double $1735


Luxury Accomodation Price
  • Starting from
Single $3400
Double $2275

* Prices are in American dollars


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The cost includes

  • Transfers in and transfers out in taxi
  • Accommodation in Santa Cruz
  • Reception staff (docks and airports)
  • Day Tours in yachts
  • Transport between islands in speed boats
  • Licensed guide speaking Spanish and English
  • Lunch and lunch boxes during the activities (not included during free days or only transport)
  • All transportations in the days of activities (water taxi, land taxi)
  • Night briefing and local assistance
  • Mask, fins, wetsuit
  • VAT
The cost does NOT include

  • Air Ticket (if you need help let us know and we will provide it to you)
  • National Park entrance fee ($100 per person)
  • Ingala fee ($10 per person) to be paid at the airport in Quito or Guayquil
  • Tips
  • Medical insurance
  • Dinners
If you like this itinerary and want to book it or want to know more, contact us providing the following information:

  • Number of partecipants
  • Dates of arrival and departure
  • Accomodation (backpackers, medium o first class)
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