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Erroneously called the islands of Darwin and perhaps better identified as the Isles of giant tortoises, we can refer to the Galapagos with one or with the other name, you can not fully grasp the peculiarity of this archipelago in the middle of the Pacific, at 1000 km from the coast of Ecuador.
The giant tortoises there are, but they are not on the street but you have to look for them.

If you want to see them in freedom you can find them walking and ruminating leaves in the fincas in the high part of Santa Cruz.
Alternatively, you have to go in the centers of special creation, Centre Charles Darwin, based in Puerto Ayora, where until a year ago was guarded the legendary “Lonely George”, or the Centre for Creation of Giant Tortoises in Puerto Villamil (Isabela Island), where scientists from all over the world studying and caring for them while preserving the various species from different islands of the archipelago.

The Galapagos could be very different from what you may imagine. The palm trees are few, mainly along the beach of Island Isabala, and  they aren’t endemic, the all-inclusive resorts don’t exist, bars on the beach with lounge music either.

You can definitely find the beaches, with white and fine sand, like Tortuga Bay and the beach of Isabela itself, but, no matter how beautiful they are, and they are, but are not reason enough to make the island one of the most interesting destinations of South America and the whole world.

We are about to venture into 4 or 5 islands formed millions of years ago as a result of eruptions of volcanoes that today are underwater.
These are new islands, given the age of the earth, whose structure is not yet complete, there are still subtle shifts towards south-east, due to the still strong volcanic activity, in particular in Fernandina and Isabela Islands.

The islands are born from the fire and in here the lava met the water leaving natural beauties such as the marine tunnels or the underground lava tunnels.
Despite its small size, the endemic flora and fauna are notable, in particular, to mention the marine iguanas,Darwin’s finches, 13 different species that have a different shape of beak due the ability to adapt and that roused the English scholar,Galapagos penguins, the second smallest in the world, sea lions, albatrosses and cormorants.

It is not only a beach, or a particular species of animal that makes the Galapagos Islands a paradise for scientists and tourists.
It is rather a combination of different elements that make this place a conglomeration of unique travel experiences, attractive and worthy of a thorough examination.

Who travels to Galapagos is not looking for something beautiful and exotic. He is looking for life.

It is clear then that a trip to the Galapagos goes well beyond the bikini and suncream. It should rather be seen as a current tour in an still living Jurassic Park, where the animals don’t stand to the man or are scared, they keep on living their on life whiles the man look at them as external observer.

My memory of the islands is made of lava stone and stately cactus sprouting from the black stone, swim with sea lions and peaceful sharks,walks among the magnificent frigate birds and blue-footed boobies nest and albatrosses.

The Galapagos Islands offer life and tell us a story we should listen to.
We are in one of those places where small things acquire its importance and intrinsic beauty.

Why are the Galapagos Islands so famous

Maybe because Darwin has written about them, or maybe because the giant tortoises but what makes the islands so famous is that its biosystem that has barely changed since ever.

In fact each island, small or big, have its own unique biosystem. What you can see on an island you can’t see in another. The rule “seen one seen them all” here doesn’t work!

For this reason it is important to plan well before flying to the islands without being well-informed making sure about the tour you are going to pay for (for some ideas click here).
Make sure you won’t leave the islands without seeing the magnificent frigate birds and blue-footed boobies, the land iguanas (which are found in the free state to Plazas Island and Seymour Island). Don’t miss the chance to swim with sea lions, stingrays and sharks.
If you won’t do this then you would miss the beautiful and the true uniqueness of the islands.

Why should you go to the Galapagos?

You shouln’t go to Galapagos because it’s cool. Not because the farther you go the more exotic a placebecomes.  You should travel to Galapagos just because you will get the opportunity to see and experience something unique in the world.

You can live close with the animals and can swim in the most impressive sea in the world. You don’t need to dive to discover the backdrops and float with the many animal species that, in some cases, test our courage, of course I am referring mainly to the sharks.
Into the water we’re never alone, we know this, but here we see it and live it.


Globetrotter around the world, expert in Galapagos Islands, my mission is introducing you to the Enchanted Islands!

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